Injen Air Intake Review

If you are a car enthusiast or a simple driver, you may one day think of a desirable engine modification for that wanted performance. Air intake component modifications are more than desirable for each enthusiast. Although it’s a matter of personal preference of seeing and feeling the benefits, it’s really difficult to choose among these selected reputable brands. One of these reputable brands is the Injen Technology. They have been designing intakes to unlock the potential of performance from your engine.

The main reason why Injen is one of the best is because of the benefits you can gain from their intakes. With driving habits, extreme loading and system restrictions set aside; fuel efficiency is significantly improved. Injen intakes are produced in varieties of series that each has unique characteristics. These are: Sport Compact, Race Division, Is Short Ram Intakes and Power Flow. We’ll focus onInjen RD Series Intake  Injen RD Series Intakes, Race Division in this article.

The RD Series Intake Systems are for enthusiasts craving mid range power, empowering them the most available selection. The RD Series is a cold air intake system. The intake tube is strategically placed in front of the bumper to acquire cold air. Compared to others in the Injen Series, it makes the loudest and most aggressive noise. Response time is improved as well. Tremendously doing the perfect job as an engine mod plus it’s certified to be legal with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Injen RD Series Intakes are the real deal. You just don’t slap it in there and call it an intake. A team of engineers roughly tested it in dyno testing to make sure you are fully satisfied with the results. The team took time and effort to have the best designed air intake so that you can achieve the most horsepower and really get what you paid for in this system. Every enthusiast knows that this modification alone can really free some power in your engine. Injen is also proud to showcase other performance parts products available. Every car has been left a lot of room for improvements and it’s up to you to take advantage of it.

Of course, these intake systems are available in local or online tuning stores with a full warranties. This intake component is under the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. In this act, aftermarket equipment that increases performance does not void your vehicle’s warranty, unless of course it is stated that any addition of equipment may VOID your vehicle’s warranty. To make sure of this, check your manual under “what’s not covered”.

Every performance part is never perfect and we have experienced several problems on each of them. As of now, Injen is unaware of any problem on the intake, air filter, nor can damage your vehicle’s air flow sensor. The air that is taken in is also regulated that whenever it is taken in, excess air is simply unused. Injen’s primary goal is to offer you the best for your engine modification needs. Injen is “The World’s First Tuned Intake System”, delivering performance. carries the full line of Injen intakes.  Stop by our site and look around.  We offer the best prices on the internet and with superior customer service.  Each customer is treated like a friend instead of just another sale.